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Women health service workers win equal pay appeal

A group of women health service workers have won their appeal to be paid the same rate as male colleagues for working unsocial hours.

The women are employed by an NHS Trust as care workers, domestic staff and receptionists. They were paid between time and one third and time and two thirds for working unsocial hours.

They brought an equal pay claim on the basis that male colleagues doing comparable jobs were paid a higher rate of between time and a half and double time when working the same unsocial hours.

The Trust argued that the unsocial hours were part of the women’s normal working week and the payments they received could not be separated from their basic pay.

That view was upheld by an employment tribunal so the women appealed.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has now ruled in their favour. The judge held that the payments for the unsocial hours were a separate part of the women’s employment contracts and so could be compared directly with terms offered to male colleagues.

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