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Pedestrian awarded £1,430,000 compensation after being hit by car

A woman who was hit by a car and crushed against a wall as she was walking along a pavement has been awarded £1,430,000 in compensation.

The accident happened when the driver of the car lost control and swerved off the road.

The woman suffered severe injuries and had to have her left leg amputated above the knee. She then continued to experience phantom pain and felt a persistent need to scratch her left foot. She was also left with unsightly scarring and had a tendency to fall as she often lost her balance.

The woman, who was 61 when the accident happened three years ago, now has to use a wheelchair and a pavement scooter. She was a psychotherapist at the time of the accident but her injuries meant she had to give up her work.

She received a lot of support from her family but has to employ a case manager, a driver and support worker, as well as a gardener and cleaner.

The woman took legal action on the basis that the driver of the car had been negligent in driving too fast and failing to retain control of her vehicle.

Liability was admitted and compensation of £1,430,000 was agreed in an out-of-court settlement.

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