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Record numbers of people are making claims against employers

The number of employment claims made by people against their employers is at record levels and looks set to continue rising, according to an official report by the Tribunal Service.

Judge David Latham, who is president of the employment section of the Tribunal Service, says there have been several new employment laws over the last year which have led to a surge in claims.

The new developments include the new statutory system of fit notes, additional paternity leave and new rules governing no win no fee agreements. It’s also thought that employees are more aware of their rights these days and are more willing to take action if they feel they have suffered an injustice or discrimination.

In his annual statement, Judge Latham also highlighted how the Equality Act reforms the law in a number of important areas relating to equality and discrimination.

He said: "It is expected that this will increase the number and variety of claims made to the Employment Tribunal."

The warning comes at a time when claims to employment tribunals are already at a record high and continuing to rise. For the three months to 30th June last year, the number of claims lodged with Employment Tribunals was 44,306. That was 4% higher than the same period in 2009.

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