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Girl compensated for injuries after walking into scaffolding

A girl has been awarded £20,000 compensation for facial injuries she sustained when she walked into some scaffolding when she was seven years old.

The girl, who is now aged 16, damaged three teeth which had to be removed, and she suffered bruising and cuts to her mouth, nose and lips.

She was very self-conscious about her appearance and had to undergo regular dental treatment for four years after the accident. She had to wear a mouth guard when she played sports at school.

Her three missing teeth have been replaced by false teeth mounted on a plate. She eventually wants to have implants instead but must wait until she is at least 18 years old and has finished growing.

The procedure will involve the removal of a further tooth and she will also need to undergo a bone graft.

The girl made a claim against the owner of the scaffolding alleging that he was negligent in failing to keep it reasonably safe and so exposing her to a foreseeable risk of personal injury.

Compensation of £20,000 was agreed in an out-of-court settlement.

The figure includes £13,000 for future dental care and £7,000 for her pain and suffering.

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