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Pregnant woman awarded £22,000 in discrimination case

A woman who was made redundant after telling her boss that she was pregnant has been awarded £22,000 in compensation.

Danniella McClain worked for an estate agency owned by just one director.

Within minutes of finding out that she was pregnant, he told her that she was being made redundant.

She had not been previously told that there was a threat of redundancy. On the contrary, her prospects had looked good because she had recently been promoted and praised for her work.

Ms McClain brought a claim of pregnancy discrimination. However, the agency was then sold to another company, which was also owned by her former boss.

He argued that only a business acting as an employer could dismiss an employee. He therefore, as an individual, could not be held responsible.

The Central London Employment Tribunal disagreed. In its judgement it said that "it is entirely clear that an individual may be liable for discrimination by dismissal".

Ms McClain was awarded £22,000 in compensation.

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