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Engineer awarded £17,500 after falling from ladder

A 53-year-old engineer has been awarded £17,500 compensation after sustaining an ankle injury at work.

Doctors said that he would always experience aching and swelling in his ankle and he would not be able to go running or play football as frequently as he had before.

The accident happened when his manager asked him to remove foliage from the outside wall of the company’s factory. He was given no equipment, instructions or assistance to carry out the task.

While he was on the ladder, some foliage gave way beneath him and he fell to the ground of the neighbouring property. A piece of drainpipe, which had been attached to the foliage, fell after him and hit him where he had landed.

He took action against his employers saying they had been negligent in failing to carry out a risk assessment or provide a safe system of working.

His employers said he should take 50% of the blame as he had not erected the ladder correctly. The engineer disputed this and the company eventually accepted full liability.

They settled out of court. The engineer received £17,500 compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

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