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Woman sacked for Facebook comments wins compensation

A woman who was sacked after making comments about her colleagues on Facebook has been awarded £14,540 in compensation.

Mrs E A Whitham worked as a team leader for Ventura, a firm which provides customer care services for companies such as Volkswagen. Mrs Whitham posted a comment on Facebook saying: "I think I work in a nursery and I do not mean working with plants."

Two of her colleagues reported the comment to senior management at Ventura and the company conducted a disciplinary hearing. She apologised for the comments but was dismissed for gross misconduct.

Mrs Whitham then took the matter to an employment tribunal.

Ventura tried to justify the dismissal by saying that the comments put the firm's reputation at risk and could have potentially ruined its relationship with Volkswagen, which was a key client.

However, the tribunal rejected this argument saying: "it would seem to us that it would be a very strange world in which a company the size of Volkswagen, working with a company the size of (Ventura), would terminate an important commercial agreement ... because of a number of relatively mild comments made by a relatively junior employee of (Ventura) and which do not, in any manner, directly refer to VW in any event."

The tribunal found that Mrs Whitham had been unfairly dismissed and she was awarded £14,540 in compensation.

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