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Motorcyclist receives £623,977 compensation after road accident

A 45-year-old man has been awarded £623,977 compensation after injuring his arm and shoulder in a motorcycle accident.

He had been riding his motorcycle when a car coming in the other direction tried to overtake the vehicle in front and take a right turn into a car park. The driver didn't see the motorcyclist and collided with him.

The motorcyclist was thrown off his bike and his left shoulder struck the woman's car. This caused him severe pain in his left shoulder and he lost all movement in his left arm apart from his fingers.

Over the following months, he started to regain movement in his arm but it was still limited and he was not able to continue his work as a railway engineer.

The man brought an action against the driver. He claimed she had been negligent in failing to notice his motorcycle approaching and cutting across his path as she turned right into the car park.

The woman admitted liability and the man was awarded £623,977 compensation to cover his injury, loss of future earnings, and future care and help costs.

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