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12-year-old car accident victim receives £2.3m compensation

A 12-year-old boy who sustained brain injuries when a car being driven by his mother was involved in an accident is to receive a lump sum of £2.3m plus regular payments for the rest of his life.

The boy’s mother was killed in the accident in which her car collided with a vehicle being driven by someone with no insurance. The uninsured driver was considered to be most at fault for the accident but the mother was also partly responsible through her negligence.

The boy’s family made a claim against his mother’s estate on the grounds that her negligence had contributed to the accident. Her insurance firm accepted liability.

The boy was only three years old at the time of the accident and because of his injuries he will never be able to lead a normal life or look after himself. His life expectancy has been reduced by up to 18 years.

Following an out of court settlement, he is to receive a lump sum of £2.3m plus annual payments of £40,000 until he is 14. These payments will increase in stages until he is 25 when he will then start receiving £126,500 a year.

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