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Workers over 50 ‘are being discriminated against’

People over 50 are still being discriminated against by many employers, according to the research organisation Policy Exchange.

It found that despite being better educated and healthier than ever before, older people are likely to be out of work for over a year if they lose their jobs.

At the end of 2011, 43% of older workers were likely to be out of work for over a year compared to 26% of 18-24 year-olds, and 35% of 25-49 year-olds.

As part of the research, Policy Exchange applied for 977 bar jobs as a 25-year-old woman and as a 51-year-old woman. They also applied for 250 jobs as personal assistants as a 24-year-old woman and as a 50-year-old-woman.

All relevant experience and qualifications were equal; the only difference was the age of the applicant. The younger applicant received 125% more positive responses for the bar job, and 45% more positive responses for the personal assistant position.

The findings are contained in Policy Exchange’s report, Too Much to Lose: Understanding and Supporting Britain’s Older Workers.

The report also says that the support offered to older people who are looking for work is inadequate.

It says that while it is important for the Government to help young people who are out of work, they haven’t focused enough on the older generation. It calls on the Government to help people with the greatest need rather than those who fall into a certain age group.

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