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Compensation for soldier who lost hearing through band practice

A soldier who lost his hearing due to prolonged exposure to drums and bugles as a musician in the army has been awarded £300,000 compensation.

He joined the army as an 18-year-old and spent four years as a musician in the band, which led to him being exposed to excessive noise.

As a result, he suffered severe tinnitus and permanent bilateral hearing loss.

He had hoped to serve in the army until he was 40 but was discharged when he was just 24 because of his condition. He intended to work in the retail trade where his disability wouldn’t be too much of a hindrance to him.

It was unlikely that he would be able to earn as much as in the army. He was also without other employment benefits he had enjoyed such as private health care.

He brought an action against the army saying it was negligent in allowing him to be exposed to such a high level of noise during band practices.

He was awarded £300,000 in an out-of- court settlement to cover his pain, suffering and loss of amenity, his loss of employment and his loss of future earnings.

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