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House sales likely to increase say surveyors

House sales are likely to increase over the next two months, according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

They also believe that the rate at which prices have been falling is likely to slow down, a trend already seen during the last few months.

The demand for houses from potential buyers remained stable in most parts of the country during September. While there has been no significant growth in the number of buyers since 2009, 4% more surveyors said they had experienced an increase in enquiries.

This is the most optimistic RICS members have been about potential house sales since May 2010, although they don’t expect to see a significant change in the value of properties.

RICS says the main reason for the optimism comes from recent Government initiatives designed to make it easier for people to get a mortgage. The Funding for Lending Scheme managed by the Bank of England aims to make £80billion available to lenders.

A spokesperson for RICS said: "Although we would caution against reading too much into this, there are some grounds for believing that activity could pick up over the coming months."

One of the persistent themes of the housing market in recent months, according to RICS, is that most sales occur when vendors are realistic about prices.

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