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Injured motorcyclist receives £450,000 in compensation

A motorcyclist who sustained physical and psychological injuries in a road accident has received £450,000 in compensation.

The motorcyclist was involved in a collision with a car which emerged in front of him from a side road in 2004. He suffered multiple injuries including fractures to both wrists and his right leg. He was left with permanent scarring and deformity. He still suffers pain and has restricted movement in both wrists together with other complications.

He can no longer continue his career as a bench joiner and will have to do lighter work instead.

Liability for the accident was disputed with the car driver claiming that the motorcyclist had been speeding.

The two sides have now reached an out of court settlement in which it was agreed that the motorcyclist was 20% liable for the accident. He is to receive a total of £450,000 in compensation for his injuries, suffering and loss of earnings.

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