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Woman who fell on shop staircase awarded damages

A shop customer who suffered wrist and head injuries when she fell on a staircase has been awarded £3,625 damages.

The woman was looking at souvenirs when the accident happened. She said the staircase was not marked and she had not noticed it because her attention was diverted by merchandise which covered the banister.

She suffered a fracture to her wrist together with bruising to her head and leg. She was off work for two weeks and was unable to attend the gym for two months while her wrist was in a cast. It’s likely that she will continue to suffer minor aching in the wrist when she holds children for long periods.

The shop owner disputed liability but the customer won her case. She was awarded £3,500 for the pain and loss of amenity she suffered, plus a further £125 in interest and for miscellaneous losses.

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