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Accident victim receives £1.2m compensation for her injuries

A woman motorcyclist who suffered multiple injuries in a road accident is to receive £1.2m in compensation.

The woman, who was 43 at the time of the accident and worked as an electronics assembler, was riding her motorcycle when she was hit by a car which turned into her path. She suffered multiple injuries including fractures of her wrist, leg and pelvis. She later developed chronic depressive adjustment disorder.

As a result of her injuries she will never be able to work again. She has lost her independence and will need regular care for the rest of her life. Her husband is chronically ill himself and so all her care and assistance will have to be provided commercially.

The driver of the car admitted liability and so the woman is now to receive £1.2m in an out of court settlement. The money is to compensate for her pain and suffering, her loss of earnings and to help pay for the care that she will need for the rest of her life.

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