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Nurse awarded £254,000 after developing latex allergy at work

A nurse has been awarded more than a quarter of a million pounds compensation after developing an allergy to latex which forced her to give up her career.

The woman began working for her local NHS Trust as a community staff nurse in 2003. A year later, when she was aged 43, she developed the allergy to latex through coming into regular contact with it as part of her daily work. As a result, she suffered psychologically and was unable to continue her career. She also began suffering allergic reactions in different environments such as a swimming pool, a job centre and in shops.

Her family had to remove rubber backed carpets in her home and replace them with laminate flooring. Her doctors considered that she would remain allergic to latex as a result of her exposure to it during the course of her work.

She brought a claim for compensation on the basis that the Trust had been negligent in failing to screen her for latex allergy when she began work and so therefore had failed to protect her.

The Trust admitted that it had been negligent in failing to protect her but disagreed that she would not be able to work again. It said she could have returned to work in 2006 in a different role and earned the same as she had in her previous job.

Experts for the Trust and the nurse agreed that she would be able to work from home or in a controlled office environment but neither were able to say where she would be able to find such employment.

Leeds County Court awarded her £254,610 to compensate for her pain and suffering, medical costs and loss of earnings and other benefits.

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