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Men win equal pay deal in line with female colleagues

A group of men in low paid jobs have won an equal pay claim in a landmark ruling.

The case involved 300 men working in various capacities such as care workers, caretakers and leisure attendants for local authorities in the North East. They made a claim saying they were entitled to the same bonuses paid to male staff in better paid jobs such as gardeners.

They made their claim at the same time as some female workers who also believed that the bonuses were discriminatory. The women succeeded but the men’s claim was rejected by an employment tribunal.

However, that decision has now been reversed by the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

The president of the tribunal, Mr Justice Underhill, said: "It would be surprising and unsatisfactory if the Equal Pay Act offered no remedy to men in a situation like the present.

"The case where men and women do the same job but receive different rates of pay is the paradigm of the kind of situation which the Act was intended to prevent: how would it seem if - unusually, but not impossibly - the roles were reversed and the ‘piggyback’ claimants were not men but women?"

It’s estimated that another 12,000 men could now bring successful claims because of the ruling.

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