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Now it’s easier to protect your future with Lasting Powers of Attorney

New forms making it easier to protect your future by registering Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) have been presented to Parliament and will soon be available for the public to use.

LPAs allow you to nominate someone you trust to make decisions about your financial and/or personal affairs if an accident or illness prevents you from being able do so yourself at some time in the future.

The person you choose, often but not always a family member, is known as the attorney.

Martin John, Chief Executive of the Office of the Public Guardian, said many people had found the existing forms too long and too easy to get wrong. The new forms have been designed to be simpler to use and understand without compromising the necessary safeguards.

There are two new forms, one relating to Property and Financial Affairs and the other to Health and Welfare.

LPAs should be drawn up with the help of a solicitor in order to protect your interests and to ensure that they fully represent your wishes. The LPA then needs to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian for a fee of £120 before they can be used.

Justice Minister Bridget Prentice, said: "An accident or illness that robs you of your ability to make decisions is traumatic enough without having legal worries to contend with too. This is a straightforward solution, now all the more simpler, that makes sure the legal system protects and helps people rather than hindering them, exactly as it should do."

The new forms were designed with help from Solicitors for the Elderly, Society of Trust and Estates Practitioners and the Law Society.

The Office of the Public Guardian aims to make the forms available from 1st October this year.

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