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Man awarded damages after tripping on loose stones

A 64-year-old man who broke two bones in his leg after tripping on loose stones has received nearly eight thousand pounds in compensation.

The man had been walking his dog when he fell over the stones on some land near the back of his home. He broke the tibia and the fibula in his right leg.

As a result of the injuries he can now only walk about three quarters of a mile and finds it difficult to kneel down. He has had to give the dog away because he can no longer take it for walks.

The land where the fall took place belonged to the same community association that owned the man’s home. He alleged that the association had been negligent in allowing the area to reach such a dangerous state of disrepair and in allowing people to walk by when it was unsafe to do so.

The association admitted liability and agreed to pay £7,875 to compensate for the man’s pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

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