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Woman receives compensation after walking into glass panel

A woman who was injured when she walked into a glass panel at a hairdressing salon has received £3,000 in compensation.

The panel was used as a windbreaker and was placed two feet to the left of the chair where the woman was sitting. It had a green logo on it about five feet eight inches from the floor.

After having her hair cut, the woman walked to her left and collided with the panel having failed to notice it was there. Her nose swelled up and she continued to experience nasal pain for 18 months after the incident.

She took legal action on the basis that the salon owner was negligent in failing to keep her safe while on the premises and by failing to provide adequate signs to alert her to the presence of the panel.

The salon disputed liability but the judge found that it had failed to keep the woman reasonably safe because the panel had not been properly highlighted.

Damages of £3,000 were agreed in an out-of-court settlement.

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