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How victims of uninsured drivers can still claim compensation

The Government has announced plans to clamp down on motorists with no insurance. New measures will make it an offence to keep a vehicle without insurance as opposed to the present system where no offence is committed until the vehicle is actually driven on public roads.

Ministers believe this will make it easier to catch uninsured drivers and prevent them posing a threat to other road users. The latest figures show that uninsured and untraced drivers are responsible for 160 deaths and 23,000 injuries every year. Uninsured drivers also cost law abiding motorists £400m a year in extra premiums.

The measures are a welcome step forward as uninsured drivers bring tragedy and heartache to thousands of families each year. Many victims don’t even receive any compensation because they don’t realise they can make a claim even though the driver who injured them has no insurance or can’t be traced. In many cases, however, they can take action under a scheme run by the Motor Insurers Bureau.

The criteria for making a successful claim are quite strict so victims should take action as quickly as possible. For example, victims have to notify the police of the accident within a specified time. They can be left without compensation if they don’t. They should keep a note of the name of the officer who takes their details.

They should also seek expert help from a specialist solicitor who has access to the Motor Insurance Database which can sometimes be used to trace the guilty driver.

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