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Man injured by friend’s careless ‘horseplay’ awarded £1.8m

A man who suffered spinal injuries when his friend jumped on his back has been awarded £1.8m compensation.

The incident happened after the two men had been to a pub together. They left after drinking two pints of beer each. As they walked along, the man was knocked to the ground with considerable force when his friend suddenly jumped on his back without warning.

He suffered several fractures to his spine. He underwent surgery followed by physiotherapy but was left with reduced mobility and manual dexterity and was unable to live an independent life.

His injuries meant he was unable to continue his career in audio design and production or take up any other form of employment.

The man, who was 41 at the time of the incident, took legal action saying that his friend’s foolhardy act of horseplay was unnecessary and created a foreseeable risk of injury. The friend admitted liability.

Compensation totalling £1.8m was agreed in an out of court settlement.

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