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Security guard awarded £289,000 for hand injury

A security guard whose hand was crushed in a cash machine has been awarded £289,000 compensation.

The accident happened when the guard placed his hand in a rotating dispenser to remove some cash. The operator then rotated the drum crushing the guard’s hand.

The guard suffered chronic pain and depression for at least two years after the accident. He was unable to take on jobs that required repeated physical use of his injured hand and although he was capable of working, he would need an employer who was understanding and prepared to accept his limitations. It meant he faced an uncertain future in the jobs market.

He took action against the company that employed the cash machine operator on the basis that it was responsible for its employee’s negligence.

The company responded by saying the guard was malingering and lying about the severity of his symptoms.

The judge ruled that the guard was not malingering although he did find that he was 20% responsible for the accident through his own contributory negligence. His compensation was therefore reduced accordingly to a total of £289,377.

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