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Mother-of-three awarded £55,000 for road accident injuries

A mother-of-three has received £55,000 compensation after being injured in a road accident.

The 36-year-old woman was a passenger in a car which collided with a vehicle pulling out of a driveway. She suffered two broken wrists, bruising and went on to develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

She underwent surgery but continued to suffer from pain in both hands. This could be brought on by typing and driving but it could also occur spontaneously without warning. She was still able to do housework but it took her longer than before and she found everyday tasks like ironing and cleaning to be exhausting.

It was expected that she would need help with household tasks while her three young children remained at home.

At the time of the accident the woman was working as a part-time teaching assistant but she was also a qualified midwife and had planned to return to midwifery once her children had grown up. That would no longer be possible for her due to the nature of the work and so her earning capacity would be reduced.

The woman took action against the driver of the other vehicle claiming that she had been negligent in failing to give way as she left the drive. Liability was admitted.

Compensation of £55,000 was agreed in an out-of-court settlement.

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