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HIPs ‘are history’ but EPCs still needed when selling a home

The new Government has moved quickly to scrap Home Information Packs (HIPs) but has decided to keep Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

The use of HIPs was suspended on 21st May and new legislation will be introduced to abolish them permanently.

Making the announcement, new communities secretary, Eric Pickles, declared that "HIPs are history" and said: "The expensive and unnecessary Home Information Pack has increased the cost and hassle of selling homes.

"That is why I am taking emergency action to suspend the HIP, bringing down the cost of selling a home and removing unnecessary regulation from the home buying process.

"This action will encourage sellers back into the market, and help the market as a whole and the economy recover."

Effectively, it means that HIPs are no longer needed when selling a home. However, the coalition Government says it wants to promote policies to protect the environment and so EPCs will be retained.

EPCs rate a property’s energy efficiency from A to G. Sellers will still have to commission an EPC before marketing their property and it must be available within 28 days of the property being put up for sale.

Abolishing HIPs means the burden of paying for searches will now fall back on the buyer and so will add to their costs.

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