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University manager receives damages for stress

A man who had to give up his job due to the stress of working a 65-hour week has received £110,000 in compensation.

The man worked for a university as a manager organising courses for overseas students. Due to short staffing, his team of four had to carry out work normally dealt with by six people.

The manager found himself working 65 hours a week on a regular basis. He had worked for the university for 10 years and had suffered from anxiety and depression in the past.

His increased workload put him under a great deal of pressure. He complained to his employers but they failed to deal with the problem.

He then took time off work suffering from stress. He was able to return briefly but was forced to take time off again.

He then decided to take legal action and claimed compensation on the basis that his employers had not done enough to support him and ensure that he wasn’t overworked.

The employer denied liability but agreed an out-of-court settlement of £110,000.

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