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Woman leaves £250,000 to taxi driver in her will

An 86-year-old woman has left all of her £250,000 estate to a taxi driver who took her shopping and drove her to and from the doctors.

Mary Watson was one of Don Pratt’s regular customers for more than 20 years. They often chatted and Mr Pratt used to carry her shopping into her home in Newquay.

She told Mr Pratt that if she lived longer than her husband then she would remember him in her will. Mrs Watson moved to Northampton ten years ago but kept in touch with Mr Pratt until about two years before she died.

He says he didn’t really believe her when she said she would leave him something but then he got a phone call out of the blue from her solicitor. "I couldn't believe it when we found out she had left us everything.

"I'm not sure how her family feel about it, but the solicitor was clear that she wanted me to have what she left."

Mr Pratt has now been able to sell his taxi business and retire.

Few people will want to leave everything to their taxi driver but everyone can have control over who inherits their estate. If you want to ensure your money goes to the people who matter to you then it is vital that you make a will.

If you die intestate, that is without having made a will, then your estate will be divided in a way decided by the law. However, if you do make a will then you can specify exactly who gets what from your estate. That way you can ensure that the people who matter to you are properly provided for - whether it’s your spouse, your children, your favourite charity ... or even your taxi driver.

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